Elevating the Dining Experience


Pieces made for use in restaurants benefit from VanHoy's sensibility as a craftsperson and at the same time are meticulously tailored to the needs and preferences of a particular restaurant concept or an individual chef's plating style. These pieces help chefs and restaurateurs to present their culinary vision with precision and clarity resulting in an elevated dining experience.. Photography courtesy of Audra Sternberg Photo.



VanHoy Pottery partners with restaurants to design a one of a kind series of tableware, exclusively for each business. The process from conception to completion relies on communication between Ryan and the chefs and restauranteurs he partners with. Each project is different, but the steps stay the same. Partners receive regular updates throughout the creative process along with photographs of their custom pieces being transformed from simple clay into works of art.

More than a Simple Pot

Essentially, a good pot must perform it's duty; it must contain and deliver food or drink without spilling or dripping it's contents or burning its users. If it is to be an exceptional pot, it must do so with grace and beauty. While it is a challenge and joy to work to meet these basic physical, formal and functional criteria every day, I strive to make pots that also serve an intellectual, emotional and perhaps even spiritual need. The routine and rhythm of making pots is a calming and collecting form of meditation. I believe that living with handmade pots over time can bring about a similar experience for others.




vanhoy pottery on display

My studio work can be found for sale in Indianapolis at Calvin Fletcher Coffee Shop, Kaffeine Coffee Co. and James Dant A Store for Men. Work is also carried by Mica 12/v in Cincinnati. 

Connect with me on Instagram at @vanhoypottery.


Fountain square clay center

Operating out of an old industrial building that once made packing “peanuts”, supplied sheet metal, and old Ford parts, Fountain Square Clay Center provides a fully equipped studio for exploring clay.